Thursday, November 13, 2008

I got tagged by Nico

My 5 favorite restaurants:
Tastee Treet Yum
Robertos Mexican (bless it twice or beware)
Casa de Tortas (its in cal)
In and Out (also in Cal)
I also like the talbots steak house (thanks for the idea seleta)

5 things I did yesterday:
Went to my church history class
Stayed awake for all of marketing
Drove to UT
Had a wonderful dinner made by Sarah
Slept on an air mattress that went flat

5 things I look forward to:
A long nap
The cost of gas to go down
Getting married
Dinner ( I am hungry)

5 things I love about fall:
Its acutely winter in Idaho
The leaves are pretty for about two weeks
The smell
Time change(extra hour of sleep)

5 things on my wish list:
Serve about 7 more missions
Learn how to write nice
Make my Spanish better
Keep my wife happy
Find a good internship

5 favorite things to do:
Spend time with Sarah(not in that order)
Play Tennis
Read the sticks
Play games (wacky six, it came to pass, spite and malice, Hearts)

Sarah Call
Becky Call
Alica Hummus

Long time no write

So it has been a really long time since i have written and if you track my history you will find that it is very common. So I thought i would write a quick note and say hello to the world, i will write more later, hopfully