Saturday, June 13, 2009


So i haven't written for some time and i thought i would give an update on life. After school ended I had a company tell me to apply for a job, so i put in my application. To make a long story short I was offered a job as the administrator of a clinic in benton city wa. So Sarah and I will be moving there as soon as as our house sells. We are very excited its a great job with a great company, We are excited to have such a great opportunity come to us, we know some one on the other side has been preparing the way for this to happen, because everything has just seemed to fall in place. The company i will be working for is a company called Med Man Here is a link to there web site. I don't know if the job will be still posted but heres a link to the job posting. So any who we are really excited, and sad a the same time beacuse we need to sell our house that we have come to love. So if any one wants to buy it her is a link to that. So theres an update!