Friday, December 30, 2011

Great trip

Sarah and I had a great to trip this Christmas time. We were able to go from WA to NY, to see my sisters Seleta and Nicolette and their husbands and childrens. (Yes, I said childrens, that's child plural). We were able to stay there about a week. It was a wonderful time. I thought I would share some pictures of the trip. Our first day there my sister sent us out into the country side to see some church history sites; the Smith farm, Sacred Grove, and the Book of Mormon first edition printing location. Here are some pictures that I took while there:
Second home on Smith Farm

Sacred Grove, I really like how this picture turned out.

Hill Cumorah

Here are some pictures from Christmas:
Our trip to Niagara falls

Baby Claire sleeping with her best friend

Hope you enjoyed the run down!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

more pictures for fun

I just thought I would add some more random pictures from the last few months. These are some fun ones. They are a fun picture of a flower I took, pictures of Sarah playing with a frog or two on our trip to Levenworth, and Sarah at the fish hatchery. Sarah really enjoyed it, I had been before, and it was the same as most others, but it was fun none the less. The other photos are from other trips, and a picture of my office door. I thought it might be fun to show where I work. Stay tune to upcoming posts i want to do a tribute to everything I learned from my siblings :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here are some pictures from our recent adventures.  It starts with pictures from Tysons Wedding, and then our trip to Portland.  We were given opera tickets, so we went over.  It was way fun, and we stopped at the some water falls on the way back.

My cute niece, I don't know why they didn't name her Da'Niece

This is my mom at age 28 doesn't she look great.

This was such a cool picture

Sarah found a hole and was looking through it.

These two are Multonoma falls.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last few weeks

So a few weeks ago we went on a boat ride with a couple we know from our ward it was quite fun.  Sarah Loved it and was in heaven.  Next you will see our pictures from the Prosser Balloon rally.  Jackie and Becky were here for a concert and as you can see they loved it.  I did have to push them out out of bed at 5:30am but once they got there they forgave me.  We then went on another boat ride with the same couple, Sarah asked them to take us with her family because she loved it so much.  So there you go.