Saturday, February 18, 2012

 Have you ever seen this self?  They are like 400 dollars and really don't hold that much for the cost.  So I said to myself I could make one that would hold more and be cheaper.  So here are some pictures of that.

 Sarah was a big help on day on of this project.  You can see she learned how to use the Chop saw.  The next picture sows the beginning of the back frame.

 Here you can see the first self completed.
 And the drop down self from above, after all you do want a rotating design, so you can put new food in the back
 Here the self's keep climbing up
 Here is the last self being put on.
 Here is the completed shelves, we emptied our whole food storage on the selves and found out there is still a ton of space.  Total cost of the project was just under 150. 
I has some left over wood so I made a self under the hanging shelves I previously made.  It may look like I am collecting cardboard, but we know will likely move again and there is no sense in throwing it away, I just wanted it out of the ways so I built the hanging shelf. You can see I just need to finish organizing and we will be good to go.