Sunday, October 14, 2012

What we see....

What we want to see....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

!Warning music theory content!

Sarah and I decided to just play music on Monday night for FHE.  It was fun to sit back down at the piano and just play around.  In the past I was teaching Sarah some basic music theory, specifically interval and chord identification, and basic analysis.  Most of the time I really enjoy this, however it general leads into a conversation about how from sarahs perspective the music theory rules are this or that... and really not that important, and from my perspective using the rule and knowing when to brake them is what is important.  We are really on the same side, just see things different.  Anywho back to the story.  Because of this I was playing and decided to see what I could come up with in a new key that I don't really play in.  In the more common keys my hands just always seem to find the same chords, but in new keys there can be lots of exploring.  Well I chose the key of F# major (or Gb major for you pessimists) and started with the tonic (an F# Major chord). 

And over time these are the chords we came up with:

 F#major         to          e# minor         to             d# minor 

However we then had a fair bit of discussion about where the next chord should go and we both landed on the B Major chord.  So when you put that in therms of theory we get a....wait for it......a

I        iii (in our case iii6)       vi       IV    back to     I

Which just happens to be a very common theory progression.  Now that your all asleep I will let you judge for yourself,   Listen here to the chord progression.  I think the theory makes it sound good, Sarah thinks it sounds good because it does.  (I do note I may be making her case in a slightly understated manner).