Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scout Cake & Savior of the World

So Sarah and I have been fairly busy with a production our stake is putting on called Savior of the world.  It was the one originated in salt lake about 10 years ago.  Sarah was called to be one of the directors back in October.  I was called to be the assistant to the directors, which no one was really sure what what I should do as an assistant "to" the directors.  It was eventually decided that I am the understudy for just about all the mail rolls.  The have understudies for the big roles, but they are from some of the other bigger roles, but most of those people already have parts in the play, so I would step into their previous roll.  It has been fun so far just taken a lot of time.  We have rehearsal tuesday wednesday thursday saturday and sunday.  In march we add friday, so sarah is running running running.  I also am still in the young men as well as taking some online classes so I am a little busy as well.  You can read our last news letter if you would like, here.

Now as for the cake, being in the young mens group I also get to do scouting, well for this years awards dinner we had a cake decorating contest.  Sarah and I have watched a few episodes of cake boss, so I though that isn't that hard I can do that. So here is our try at making a really cool cake.
We started last sunday making some people out of starbursts. Here is a canoe and bear Sarah made & a tent I made.
We baked the cake its self on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we made the chocolate frosting.  Here is how the cake went together. 
We first figured out how we wanted the two layers.

I frosted the bottom layer.

Then added strawberry.
I added the next layer and then frosted it.

I then laid over some fondant that we made on tuesday.  I forgot to mention that, I found a really easy way to make it on line.  It was a little messy but very easy.  I just had to dye it before I laid it on.

I then added the river section of the cake, after all this was scout cake.

Here I have added all the fondant and cut out letters.  I took the theme from a scout camp theme when I worked there. "learn it love it live it"

As you can see I made a big mess, So I cleaned it up and waited for sarah to come home so we could finish.

When Sarah came home we added the our characters and Sarah iced around the edges.  I think it turns out pretty nice.  Making a cake was both easier and harder than I expected.  If anyone wants a cake made I would be happy to do it, but I can't promise perfection.  Everything on the cake was eatable but the fishing pole and some supports in the tent.  So that is my cake story.  (in case your wondering that why the Kayak is upside down, I have friend that goes boating with me and he has an orange kayak.  I put him upside down trying to roll up as a joke, he though it was pretty funny.)