Monday, August 22, 2011

big project

I had some time while Sarah was out, so I decided to clean out the closet, something that Sarah had wanted for a while.  I had to work and only had three days to do it.  I worked those three nights till 2-3 in the morning.  Here are some pictures, they may be a little out of order so read the comments below each one:

This is the start of the closet,  It was full of "stuff"

 As I started the project I realized I needed somewhere to put the stuff, or rather organize it because I was going to change the contents of the closet.  This was the space in our garage that was selected for transformation.
With any good project I need wood, So I loaded more wood than should fit in a Malibu in a Malibu
Here you can see it through the window.

The space selected in the garage was full of moving boxes, that needed a new home.  So if you give a mouse a cookie he will want milk.  In this case I built more hanging storage space for the boxes, so I had room for the stuff, so I could clean the closet.  You get the idea..

This is me cutting wood with a saw Sarah let me get for Fathers day. 

This is one of my first competed shelfs for the closet, you will see how they go in a minuet.  I had to work on the selves early because it got dark quick (about 9:30) and then I had to work on the inside.

As you can see the stuff in the closet soon filled the hall.

This is the closet 3/4 empty with a separate book self in that I built.  There was still a bunch of work to do at this point.

Here is some of the books unloaded.  This part was time consuming, but most of the space in the closet was book boxes that Sarah had that she wanted to read, but could not because she couldn't get to them.  So I built book selves and made a mini library.

I did empty about 25 boxes.  This felt good, rather than just moving junk around I got rid of some!

This is a little farther along with the book process

This is the start of building selves for the garage.

A great blessing came out of no where, my bishop son who lives about 50 yards from us came down to see what I was doing, then helped me finish the project.  The selves weigh about 200 lbs so help was nice!!  Now he is on his mission,  (thanks elder brame)

Bolting it to the wall so it doesn't fall over on me!

It even will hold me!

I cleaned the rest of the garage as well and her you can see the nice organization!

This is with all the stuff loaded on the shelves

I did get the hall way clean again, even before Sarah arrived home!

This is the finished mini library.  I built a few more shelves and got all of the books organized.

Ooo ah, dang my back hurts.

This is a piece of the set from Savior of the World I thought it would be nice in the library

As well as the sign up.

So that was my project.  I took more photos but this pretty much summarized it.  Here what I learned.  Things always take twice as much time than you thought, and building shelves cleaning the garage and reorganizing is hard work.  All in all I counted that I had to take 38 loads down the stairs to the garage.  That was a lot of moving!