Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Saturday

So Sarah and i went to the prosser balloon rally yesterday.  In all there were 22 some odd balloons.  We had to get up very early and we both were glad we did afterwards because it was a fun morning.  Here are a few pictures we took.  Sarah took the second one and i took the rest, less those we were in.  To see all the pictures we took click here.

This is a nice shot sarah got right before the sun came up.

I like the flames in this one.

Here the balloon is about to dip his basket in the water, it was pretty cool.

After the balloons i stayed around for the festival and sarah went to class.  I also took the opportunity to ride one of my doctors horses.  She was fun to ride but hasn't been ridden that often and was a little stubborn. (I would be too if i had someone on my back.)  We rode for about 45 min, till she knew i was the boss and then i brushed her down and put her away.  It was fun to ride because i haven't done it much in recent while.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The voice to listen too

I saw this video and i really liked it so i thought i would share.  Take a look!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

catch up or Ketchup

It has been a few weeks so I wanted to catch things up a bit.  We have had several visitors the last few weeks.  Below are some pictures of Joseph and Mom feeding the ducks.  The first night joseph tried to feed them rocks, they didn't like that.  When we came back with bread the next day he was their best friend.

We has some plums and pears that we wanted to preserve so we cut them up and dried them.  It kind of looks like swedish fish on the tray.

Last weekend sarah and i went on a camp-out adventure.  On our way there we stopped into a little mexican grocery store.  It was funny to see they had pictures of the cow you were buying.  It kind of made me laugh.

After camping out we headed up the road to Rim rock lake Here is a link to the location.  We got some nice photos

Hope you enjoyed this ketchup