Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some see a foot rest others a vacume

I want to tell the story of the traveling recliner.  While growing up we had the opportunity to live with my paternal grandparents while our new house was being built.  It was really cramped, 6 of us in a basement with two rooms.  So my parents were in one and us children were in the other.  I have to say I really enjoyed the time living there, I remember my sisters almost in tears when my parents told us it was time to move out.  This is all side information back to the real story.  I am the happy owner of an old 1970's chair and foot rest, its a cool orange!

I really like, Sarah thinks it ugly...  So this rocker and foot stool ended up in the my parents basement as my Grandma moved to UT.  When I move to Washington I was given the honor to be the owner.  I think what Sarah doesn't understand about this chair and foot stool as its amazing abilities to save time.  One of its great skills is vacuuming. In the basement you see we had golden shag carpet, which on occasion my sister had to vacuum.  They found that if you flipped the foot stool ups side down you could drag it over the carpet, and there you had it all the shag laid in the same direction and you a perfectly vacuumed floor,  good enough even to fool Mom.
Now I don't want to give away all the super powers of this chair and foot stool, because then someone might still it  (and then I would have to go it back from good will).  So you will just have to wonder about the rest....