Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long time ago

 So some time ago I built this jewel box for Sarah I think it turn out pretty good.  There are a few things I would do different if I did it again, but I thought I would at least share some pictures.
 The left door has foam blocks to put pins in and two little boxes. 
 The right door has earring hooks.  This took me a long time to think through, specifically I had not thought of using brass until I was in the store and saw little pieces of it.  Then I stood there and looked at if for a good 15 min, trying to think how it may work.  Here is a big picture of it.  I would add more slots if I did it again, most of her earrings don't need this much space.

It also photographed well, which is nice.  I think my only problem is it is too heavy close to 40 lbs if I had to guess, not a problem if you put in into two studs but hard to move.  I think maybe some day I should make these and sell them, it would be a fun hobby.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to Moscow

Last weekend we ran to Moscow to see my Mother Father and little brother.  It was a fun trip and we just really enjoyed each others company.  While there we stayed at a fun bed and breakfast.  It was quite fun, and Sarah really like it.  We also visited a huge garden and I thought I would post some pictures of that.  

 Here is Sarahs new favorite quote.

 This is what my mom tried to duplicate in our back yard for my sister Seletas wedding.

 Joseph telling me to hurry up.

Stay tuned I have a few more post to get up over the next week.