Sunday, December 27, 2009

hello world

I haven't written in a very long time, so I thought I would play a little catch up. Things are going well. I was called in the young mens presidency in are ward, (sarah was called in the young womens) and we were called to work as temple workers. We really enjoy it. Sarah and I had a really nice christmas, we didn't go back to idaho, so it was just us. We spent time with another family from our ward. We missed not being with family, but well be back some day. I always thought it would be fun for go geo catching, so I searched for several months and finally found a deal on ebay, and got a gps, that i gave to sarah for christmas. We went yesterday, and had so much fun. We found two catches, but we couldn't find the third one we looked for, we think someone may have taken it. I will post pictures later. Today I would like to pull the those who are reading this about my new blog design. I have found out about photoshop for mac and have had some fun. The background comes from a picture i took in McCall. My question is which banner do you like better, the one that currently there, or this one?

The current one is made up of stuff i like to do, Let me know what you think. PS Happy New Year!