Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So i guess i am getting good at making these slide show things, it seems to be quicker at least for me.  So i thought i would write a run down of whats in this show. First are some pictures of the light parade sarah and i were in for lions club.  Next is some pictures of our christmas eve and acting out the nativity.  Sarah was an angel, literally and figuratively.  And you may see some pictures of our friends.  He was just called to be our new bishop.  Next is christmas day, and we had a really good one!  After that are two pictures of us geocaching.  I got sarah a gps in hopes that she would first go geo caching with me and second let me use it on occasion.  So far both have proved to be true.  So thats an update.  PS i don't know if you like my new back ground or not but, i made it out of a picture i took, i kind of like it.