Sunday, December 27, 2009

hello world

I haven't written in a very long time, so I thought I would play a little catch up. Things are going well. I was called in the young mens presidency in are ward, (sarah was called in the young womens) and we were called to work as temple workers. We really enjoy it. Sarah and I had a really nice christmas, we didn't go back to idaho, so it was just us. We spent time with another family from our ward. We missed not being with family, but well be back some day. I always thought it would be fun for go geo catching, so I searched for several months and finally found a deal on ebay, and got a gps, that i gave to sarah for christmas. We went yesterday, and had so much fun. We found two catches, but we couldn't find the third one we looked for, we think someone may have taken it. I will post pictures later. Today I would like to pull the those who are reading this about my new blog design. I have found out about photoshop for mac and have had some fun. The background comes from a picture i took in McCall. My question is which banner do you like better, the one that currently there, or this one?

The current one is made up of stuff i like to do, Let me know what you think. PS Happy New Year!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trip to McCall

This is a slide show of the pictures I took while at MedMans company meeting.  Theres one really cool one and a bunch that are ok.  These are on the samon river.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So i haven't written for a month.  Things have become a little crazy but i have some pictures to show for it.  At work the manager of the surgery center left for a new job, so it left me to manage it as well as the clinic.  It has kept me pretty busy, good news is that i am really only in charge for a week and a few days.  It can be a little challenging due to the fact there 25 miles apart.  So it puts me on my motorcycle quite a bit.  In two months i have put almost 5000 miles on my bike.  They have a biker association called the "iron butt"  I see where the name comes from.  To join it you have to ride one of their certified rides, the shortest of which is called Saddle Sore, its 1000 miles in 24 hours.  So now a little about the pictures you are seeing.  This had pictures from Sarah's graduation. Someone backed into my jeep and took out the tail light while sarah was at an appointment.  The pictures so a before and after of the repair job.  Sarah kissing some animals (oh dear or Oh DEER).  A trip to a national forest where we saw petrified wood.  They also had some indian paintings on the rocks. pictures from our trip back to idaho (people grand teton, jackson, others).  And pictures from our float in the parade, my car, for my work and the both for the day in the park.  And last but not least pictures from the temple. We went yesterday.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip to Boise

So i had a tennis districts for my team in Boise.  It went fairly well, it was just hot!  about a 105 outside and that makes it up to 120 on the court.  So it was fun Here are some pictures.  On a side note i finally received my diploma in the mail, there is a picture of that as well. Some of the pictures are of the sunset we had on the way back.  It was way pretty.  So here you go!  

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Song

So I have wanted to write a symphony  or at least something someone will one day want to hear so I thought I should work on that so heres a start of what I think will be a long road but, a peaceful one for me, because i like doing it.  So to here the song i call "day to dusk" (not to be confused with dawn till dusk cause I am just a little guy and I don't want those big cons... inside joke if you get it).  So click here or on the title and have a listen.  and let me know what you think. thanks

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I moved to Richland WA.  So far things see nice so let me get everyone up to date.  So before we moved we had two family reunions one on Sarahs side and one on mine.  I don't have any pictures from Sarahs but here are some pictures of swan valley and us;

Here is Nicolette Shaun Sarah and my Dad over looking the river valley

Just shaun this time, I think he sees some penstamin,  or just some dirt  either one makes him fascinated.

Another view over the valley
This is Nicolette and Shaun on the way home to pocatello, asleep!
Aunt Lisa playing cards,  it took us a long time to finish phase ten,  you can tell from the picture she is about done.

Us all sitting on the couch

The night before we left we had a fun night at Daniel's House with the call bunch for Anna's 16th birthday, here are some pictures of my nephews and nice sitting on my motorcycle;

So next came the move to WA,  We rented a really really big truck and with some assistance from the ward members (i.e. stewart north and his big guns) and some family members (i.e. Anna call and her little guns) we loaded the truck.  Then my mother and I took off into the wide open road.  Here is a picture of the truck when we stopped at a truck stop and a house move in next to us.

SO now we made it to richland i will fill you in on some stuff here.  First our house.

SO this is from the front door looking through the house
Walking down the main hall way, the garage is on the right a extra bathroom off the kitchen on the left
a bad picture of the garage 
the extra bathroom
looking from the other end of the house toward the kitchen and front door
Half of our living room
a bad picture of the other half
the spare bedroom/ sarahs studio, the beds nice if anyone ever wants to come and use it
my closet and bathroom off of the studio 
more bathroom shots
now moving up the stairs
thats the office nook,  it ended up with some unpacked boxes I think there are just a couple left

into the master bedroom
Sarahs closet off to the right
the bathroom off to the left
the master bedroom.  

So now you have had the master tour.  under your seat you will find an evaluation of how I did as a tour guide,  please fill it out and get it back to me thanks.

So now for the the job.  Its not without challenges, I have a big list of goals they want me to accomplish, and i tell you what it is different working with all women, except the doctor.  at ATT we were all guys except two females, no that has flipped all females except 3 males.  The staff is good though.  Here is my clinic.  
Here is the out side.  It was built in 2002 so it fairly new, but it has it limitations, we lack and x-ray machine and space.
This is Cindy with one of our patients,  She has worked ate the clinic as she puts it "longer then i have been alive"  which is true she started 26 years ago.  She does a great job for us!
Here is our check in counter.  The build as a whole has a nice feel.

SO heres the real question why did they hire a brand new grad to run a practice.  It had some to do with my experience at att, and the other pice of the puzzle is that i was willing to come to benton city, its kind of a, well how do i say this, "homegrown" or "homely"  but most of the people are really nice.  and it seems like the really appreciate having the clinic here.  
So now more for the area let me talk you into coming to visit us here in the TRI CITYS....

First we have exotic food like killer water mellon,  I made this up the other night.  It fun to have food so wild.
We have nice parks with paved bike trails and walking trails,  this was when sarah and i went to the park last week.
We have cool bridges,  I took this picture last night.
I didn't take this one, but another one of the bridges Here

And this one is a ben murray original,  I took it last night,  Not to bad eh?
Similar picture also taken by me,  I think i like the other one better, but you be the judge.  

So that a update of where i am at.  ON another note,  I changed phone numbers,  I tried to text everyone in my phone book my new number, but as i am finding out it only went to about 1 in 5 so if you need my new number just email me at,  I am willing to give it out to anybody who wants it!  

Thanks Friends

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So i haven't written for some time and i thought i would give an update on life. After school ended I had a company tell me to apply for a job, so i put in my application. To make a long story short I was offered a job as the administrator of a clinic in benton city wa. So Sarah and I will be moving there as soon as as our house sells. We are very excited its a great job with a great company, We are excited to have such a great opportunity come to us, we know some one on the other side has been preparing the way for this to happen, because everything has just seemed to fall in place. The company i will be working for is a company called Med Man Here is a link to there web site. I don't know if the job will be still posted but heres a link to the job posting. So any who we are really excited, and sad a the same time beacuse we need to sell our house that we have come to love. So if any one wants to buy it her is a link to that. So theres an update!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just a quick not to let the world know i have completed my degree in health care administration, with a minors in business :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip to Utah

So this week AT&T sent me to Utah for a training on how to coach people better. It was quite good, but there were a few highlights i would like to share and then show some pictures that turned out to be pretty funny. So after lunch on the first day i was tired, and was fighting to keep my eyes open. Well as it would be, i decided to rest my eyes for a few seconds, I am not sure how much time passed by, but then i was awoken by the instructor who had asked me a question. Did i know what the question was, no, did i even know what the topic was, no. all i know is she had two boxes on the board, so i did what any person who has worked at at&t would do i said "iphone" and then she said "how is that a problem" I then said "sometimes our sales reps don't highlight all it can do. She said that was a great response. I am still not sure what we were talking about. It was quite funny. Now for some pictures. These first two are of sarah and I at a restaurant we ate that had a old water wheel.

These next three tell a story of their own and for my protection (j/k) i will let you figure out what was going on.

These last few are the ones that i found to be a little funny, Be sure to read the signs carefully, they were all taken at the same place, next the restaurant we ate at.

That is a new type of petting zoo no feeding or petting the animals, you only get to get into their pens and smell them, oh what fun for a small $4