Wednesday, February 24, 2010

project for my mother

i worked on a project for my mother and i thought i would share, i am getting a little better with photo shop.  I also made this page heading for my wife's music studio, that she can use on stationary and such.  (For legal purposes i don't claim any rights on these photos and although i did change them more than required by the laws i have read, one of the images used was not open source photo, so i only used part of it.  And i have not sold or profited from them in anyway)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Funny crossword

So for this online class I am taking i have to do some crossword puzzles.  I am not good at these things and would take a word search or writing a paper over these things.  I did find a good help though, even though as you see it dosen't work that good.  At you can enter the clue and how many letters long it is and it gives you possible answers.  When i saw this answer i laughed rather hard.  Check out this clue and the first possible word be low the add.

Can you believe that, Taxes, how is that needed for life.  It made me laugh either way.