Sunday, September 13, 2009


So i haven't written for a month.  Things have become a little crazy but i have some pictures to show for it.  At work the manager of the surgery center left for a new job, so it left me to manage it as well as the clinic.  It has kept me pretty busy, good news is that i am really only in charge for a week and a few days.  It can be a little challenging due to the fact there 25 miles apart.  So it puts me on my motorcycle quite a bit.  In two months i have put almost 5000 miles on my bike.  They have a biker association called the "iron butt"  I see where the name comes from.  To join it you have to ride one of their certified rides, the shortest of which is called Saddle Sore, its 1000 miles in 24 hours.  So now a little about the pictures you are seeing.  This had pictures from Sarah's graduation. Someone backed into my jeep and took out the tail light while sarah was at an appointment.  The pictures so a before and after of the repair job.  Sarah kissing some animals (oh dear or Oh DEER).  A trip to a national forest where we saw petrified wood.  They also had some indian paintings on the rocks. pictures from our trip back to idaho (people grand teton, jackson, others).  And pictures from our float in the parade, my car, for my work and the both for the day in the park.  And last but not least pictures from the temple. We went yesterday.