Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip to Utah

So this week AT&T sent me to Utah for a training on how to coach people better. It was quite good, but there were a few highlights i would like to share and then show some pictures that turned out to be pretty funny. So after lunch on the first day i was tired, and was fighting to keep my eyes open. Well as it would be, i decided to rest my eyes for a few seconds, I am not sure how much time passed by, but then i was awoken by the instructor who had asked me a question. Did i know what the question was, no, did i even know what the topic was, no. all i know is she had two boxes on the board, so i did what any person who has worked at at&t would do i said "iphone" and then she said "how is that a problem" I then said "sometimes our sales reps don't highlight all it can do. She said that was a great response. I am still not sure what we were talking about. It was quite funny. Now for some pictures. These first two are of sarah and I at a restaurant we ate that had a old water wheel.

These next three tell a story of their own and for my protection (j/k) i will let you figure out what was going on.

These last few are the ones that i found to be a little funny, Be sure to read the signs carefully, they were all taken at the same place, next the restaurant we ate at.

That is a new type of petting zoo no feeding or petting the animals, you only get to get into their pens and smell them, oh what fun for a small $4

Monday, April 13, 2009

So we went to the rodeo on saturday and it really kind of fun. So i thought i would post a few pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New back ground

So I have thought that is should be more diligent in blogging as the 6 people that read this twice a year may find it boring. So to start I thought i would give my blog a new back ground. As I have seen some other peoples blogs i have seen they have gotten backgrounds from "the cuties blog ever" I ran a quick google and that was really the only site i could find. As I perused through the options I became a little bewildered as everyone of the blogs background was so girly, I thought I don't want my blog to be covered in hearts and flowers. Where are the masculine blog backgrounds? Here is one sample of what i was running into.

I then found the side bar that allowed you to sort by categories, and saw the category of sports, and thought here we go no more flowers and hearts. Here are the backgrounds i found.

Now i was like wow, maybe if i was a soccer mom that would be nice, So looked over the categories again and found one titled camo, I thought now here we go, i can do a paintball theme, yeah! Heres what that one looked like.

So to make a long story short I found one with dirt on it and said this is a start but i still don't like it. As i was posting the background into my blog i noticed that in the html string the were just importing a picture from photo bucket. Then the light bulb turned on, so i Jump over to photo bucket and picked up one of the links from a picture i had previously imported. For those who don't know photo bucket assigns a html link to each picture when you import it so you can link it in emails and slide shows or in html content. Once again to shorten the story, I replaced the string Http://i338.photobucket....jpeg with mine and here we go, a picture i took while sarah and i were in mexico. I still haven not figured out how to get ride of the cuties backgrounds logo, so i will update you when i figure it out. I am kind of new to the html content thing so it might take a while. anywho there you go, a non flower/heartys twirly blog.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not much to write

Well i am going to try to write a little more often but at times i don't know what to write about. So today i will write about my favorite knot. Guess what it is used for, boating/canoeing. I found this know effective because it never comes undone to let you boat float across the lake, but when you ready to go you just pull on the other end and the knot is free. The knot is really just a fancy slip knot. To start you rap the rope around what your going to tie it to. then take the free end ( not connected to the boat) and make a loop or circle with the free end down, pull the tied end through to make a loop, and then take the free end through that loop in loop fashion. Now if your really confused you can look at the picture.

Now you have a great knot that won't slip or let go till you want it to.